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The most fun way to know Queenstown

Actualizado: 13 de abr de 2020

There are plenty of ways to go Queenstown but since 2006 there is no doubt that is the most fun, Segway on Q.

Segway is the first self-balancing transport device that for some years has become the preferred way for tourists to tour the cities, not only for the fun it offers but for respect for the environment.

Tours ride

Currently there are 2 types of tours that vary in time and money:

  • Return by the bay

1 hour ride on segway through Queenstown and the garden, has a cost of $ 89 NZD for adults and $ 79 NZD for children under 15.

  • Queenstown tour

The big difference of this trip is that it is 2 hours and the guide shares information about the city while we walk.Also on the way we find ups and downs and we can go faster. The cost is $ 139 NZD for adults and $ 125 NZD for children under 15.

It is important to clarify that before starting any of the tours the guide gives us a small class of how to use the segway and maintain balance.

The best thing is that the guide speaks Spanish, so if you are going to try Segway on Q do not forget to ask for Miguel so that your tour is perfect.

I already did it and it's super fun!

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